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Do you want the Dallas Mavericks to re-sign Kyrie Irving this off-season?

The off-season involves a lot of hypotheticals

Denver Nuggets v Los Angeles Lakers - Game Four Photo by Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

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While I’m pretty sure we’ve asked this question during the deadzone between the end of the regular season and the NBA Lottery, it’s worth taking the temperature of the fandom again: Do you want Kyrie Irving to re-sign with the Dallas Mavericks?

We more or less have to keep thinking about this question. With the Los Angeles Lakers eliminated from the NBA Playoffs, the Kyrie-Los Angeles rumors were bound to get heated up again. Enter Brian Windhorst:

Granted, the scuttlebutt coming out of the NBA Lottery from multiple people, including Zach Lowe, is that Dallas has the inside trade to keeping the mercurial All-Star guard. While what we want has never factored into what the Mavericks do, I’m curious if diehard fans want Irving on the team or not. Most sign-and-trades to Los Angeles or Phoenix don’t seem to make a lot of sense for either team. I expect him to sign in Dallas, though for how long and how much is a very interesting question we won’t get resolved until July.