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Podcast: Cato’s Athletic off-season preview, reviews of Jaden Hardy, Christian Wood, Dwight Powell, and Davis Bertans

And some Dillon Brooks talk

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Dallas Mavericks v Memphis Grizzlies Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

With Josh taking some time off, I was joined by fellow MMB contributor Ben Zajdel where we talked about a whole host of things over forty-five minutes. We open with some lengthy talk around this Tim Cato Athletic article which reviews the season, previews the off-season, and leaves one with existential dread. NEAT.

Then we talk about the bizarre Dillon Brooks news, where the Grizzlies have seemingly indicated that they do not want him back, like at all.

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After a brief break at the 18-minute mark, we review the individual season of Jaden Hardy, a guy who could be considered one of the true bright spots of an ugly season. Next we talk about the weird season of Christian Wood, a player Dallas seemingly never wanted. After that try to make sense of Dwight Powell, now a guy who has played the 10th most games in a Maverick uniform in NBA history. Last is some chatter about Davis Bertans, our flame throwing king.

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