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Dallas Mavericks fans are looking forward to the NBA Draft more than Free Agency

Heartbreak feels good in a place like this

Dallas Mavericks v Washington Wizards Photo by David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images

Since we’re all just twiddling our thumbs at this point of the off-season, I’m doing my best to avoid the fake arguments based around a Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness level of outcomes following the NBA Lottery, this week’s question was kind of mundane. Earlier in the week, we asked our loyal readers what they were looking forward to more, the NBA Draft or NBA Free Agency.

I wonder how much of this is because the draft comes first? That’s got to be some element of it. I left out any chance that the Mavericks might lose the draft pick in the lottery, though there is a 20% chance of that! It’s not fun talking about the crappy outcomes and I don’t want to do that anyway.

I am a bit curious about the people looking forward to free agency. Do you enjoy being mad? I used to. I’m trying to change that. Anyway, there we have it, the majority are looking forward to the draft more than the part where Dallas doesn’t sign good players.

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