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NBA Free Agency 2023: Insider expects mystery suitors to pursue Kyrie Irving

The Mavericks are the only team linked to Irving as of now, but that could change quickly, per NBA insiders.

Sacramento Kings v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

The Dallas Mavericks are currently the only team linked to free agent point guard Kyrie Irving. But that could change quickly, according to Marc Stein. In his latest newsletter, Stein reported that the Houston Rockets “plan to weigh a run at Dallas’ Kyrie Irving” if James Harden remains with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Stein is careful to say that the Mavericks “remain the league’s only known team with definitive interest in signing the mercurial Irving next month,” however.

Stein went on to elaborate on the rumor on his podcast, This League Uncut, which he cohosts with Chris Haynes. He’s insistent the Rockets are still in the “consideration phase,” and that “there’s no evidence the Lakers are going to make a push for Kyrie this summer.”

Haynes, on the other hand, expects more suitors to emerge as the offseason progresses. “I do think some teams are going to surface as far their interest in Kyrie, by next week. By next week, I think teams are going to surface and express an interest in Kyrie.”

When the Mavericks traded for Irving at last year’s deadline, his market was thin, and Dallas was able to acquire the all-star guard for little more than a first round pick. There’s no reason to think it’s any different now. That would be in the Mavericks’ favor, as they would be able to offer Irving a team friendly deal.

But all it takes is one team to get desperate and change their mind about Irving for a bidding war to start. It’s possible the Lakers are lying low, not wanting to indicate their interest until it’s absolutely necessary. The Phoenix Suns are weighing their options with Chris Paul, and it’s possible they get the idea to reunite Irving with Kevin Durant. Or maybe some lottery team like the Rockets is tired of losing and empty arenas and just wants to sell some tickets.

Again, as of now, the only known team with interest in signing Irving is the Mavericks. But things change quickly in the NBA. Within the next week, we might find out if Haynes is correct.