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NBA Draft 2023: Mavericks bettings odds with the 10th pick

What kind of degenerates gamble on the NBA draft? We do!

Syndication: Detroit Free Press Kareem Elgazzar / USA TODAY NETWORK

The NBA finals are over, and you are thinking, "Wow, I wish I had something basketball-related that I can still bet on.” Well, you can! The NBA draft is tonight and there are plenty of opportunities. Mavs Moneyball fan favorite Taylor Hendricks’ over/under on draft night is sitting at 8.5. Washington, holding the eighth pick, is reportedly in the process of dealing Kristaps Porzingis and loading up on assets so they could be looking to move around the board on draft night.

Current odds for Mavs pick at 10:

  • Dereck Lively II +250
  • Bilal Coulibaly +340
  • Kobe Bufkin +550
  • Taylor Hendricks +750
  • Gradey Dick +900
  • Cason Wallace +1200

Since the Mavericks are currently in cap hell and lack additional picks to trade, they must select someone at 10 who can come in and make an impact right away. Taylor Hendricks is that guy. Unfortunately for Mavericks fans, his name has been getting a lot of recent buzz about being selected one slot earlier to Utah with the ninth pick. If he is still available at 10 to the Mavericks, I believe Mark Cuban will sprint out of the back and hand-deliver that draft card to the commissioner himself.

Am I taking this bet because I’m stubborn and want Dallas to land Hendricks with the 10th pick? Maybe. But stubbornness aside, given that his Vegas draft number is set at 8.5, a +750 wager on him being picked at 10 isn’t too farfetched.

Pick: Taylor Hendricks +750