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MMB Lounge: The 2023 NBA Draft is finally here

Mavericks fans finally learn what Dallas decides to do with the 10th pick

2023 NBA Draft Content Circuit and Portraits Photo by Alex Nahorniak-Svenski/NBAE via Getty Images

It feels like it’s been 18 months since the Mavericks learned their draft fate at the lottery, but that was only about a month ago in May. Now, tonight, Mavericks fans will learn the fate of the 10th pick the team desperately made sure they got to keep at the end of the regular season in April.

What will Dallas do? Who knows! If you read or listen to any NBA media member, the overwhelming favorite option is the Mavericks will trade the pick, for some combination of win-now veterans and future assets. Of course the Mavericks could do the unthinkable and actually use their very valuable top-10 pick on a player. Gasp! The horror!

Everyone be good as we wait for the moment later tonight and most of all, try to have a little fun. It’s not like this draft will steer the direction and fate of the Mavericks immediate future or anything. No pressure.