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Mavs YouTube RoundUp: NBA Draft Edition

A stellar night of maneuvering for Dallas brass

NBA: NBA Draft Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

The RoundUp returns just in time to bask in the sunlight of a surprisingly effective 2023 NBA Draft for the Dallas Mavericks. The Mavs entered the draft with one pick and turned it into a cascade of positive events. We begin this installment with a post-draft presser with Mavs GM Nico Harrison.

The notion that the Mavericks won the draft is rather jarring given the state of affairs toward the end of the season — where conveying the pick to the Knicks was the most likely scenario. Yet here we are with NBA YouTubers bestowing praise on a franchise that is not known for draft prowess. Maybe that is changing under the Harrison regime.

It is easy to fall in love with players when all you see are highlight packages but as long as we temper our excitement with the amount of patience rookies require there is no harm in smiling at these videos. Here is Dereck Lively swatting every shot ever attempted in the history of the game.

O-Max Prosper highlights are thrilling to watch. The Roundup abides by this selection. We predict #77 will love this rookie from day one.

Slightly Biased acknowledges the efficiency and creativity demonstrated by the Dallas front office on the fly in real-time.

Sporting Logically takes us on a wider tour of the draft day that was. It is easy to get overly focused on the hometown team but there were quite a few interesting storylines to come out of the draft.

The RoundUp continues with the obligatory highlight packages — this time featuring new two-way contract player Mike Miles Jr. out of TCU.

Being big isn’t enough anymore sounds obvious. The direction the league is going values bigs who can defend the rim like a traditional center, roll to the rim like a springy wing, and switch onto the perimeter without getting torched by smaller guards long enough for the defense to recover from the mismatch. Thinking Basketball delves further in this video.

As flawless and organic as Wilson Sy says the Nuggets championship is, the 2011 Dallas Mavericks still hold the top spot in the RoundUp’s heart.

Does Barry get this list right? Where does Dirk rank on your list?