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The Dallas Mavericks should sign Taurean Prince

Extremely detailed analysis

2023 NBA Playoffs - Denver Nuggets v Minnesota Timberwolves Photo by David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images

A possible Dallas Mavericks wing depth target hit the market today in Minnesota Timberwolves forward Taurean Prince.

Shortly after this news broke, Taurean Prince liked a couple of Mavericks related tweets, basically confirming he’s signing with us. I’m ordering his jersey immediately and making an appointment to have his face tattooed on my torso.

He would add wing depth off the bench, which is still arguably the Mavs biggest need, can defend and hit open shots and should be relatively affordable. The Baylor grad and Texas Native is also a former teammate of Kyrie Irving and apparently a fan of being his teammate. But none of these are the biggest reason why Dallas should sign him.

7 years ago he gave one of the greatest interview responses in the history of sports.

Just one of the absolute greatest smart ass responses ever. Instead of getting angry when being asked this ridiculous question immediately after a first round upset loss in the NCAA tournament, he just very calmly does a great bit. I can’t explain why, but the way he says “you grab it with two hands” combined with the hand motions is the best part. He completely sells it to the point that you can almost believe he’s giving a sincere answer. (Side note, I had absolutely no memory of former Maverick Jonathan Motley being there.)

Nico, get ready to sign this man, as soon as you finish throwing strikes and hanging out with your new horse friend and his weird tail.