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Mavs YouTube Round Up: NBA Finals Edition

Will Denver seal the deal?

NBA: Finals-Denver Nuggets at Miami Heat Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

I am not a Denver Nuggets fan. Odds are, dear reader, you are not either. Yet we begin this installment of the RoundUp with postgame sound from Michael Malone following Denver’s Game 3 win on the road. This is what a championship coach sounds like. Intangibles are a tough thing to quantify - you simply know it when you hear it. Can Denver close it out in 5 on their home floor?

Or will Spo the Wizard - as Thinking Basketball called him in this video after the Heat’s response in Game 2 - pull off another bit of postseason alchemy in Game 4 to truly make this a series?

I bet you can guess the answer before Barry gets to Dallas in this video. Do you agree with his take?

Sometimes coaching changes are just that - changes. That is why there are so few long-timers in one location. Pop, Kerr, and who else? We live in a dark, bizzaro timeline where Doc Rivers, Monty Williams, and Nick Nurse are all shuffled out of town yet Jason Kidd gets a third year after 38 wins.

The Dallas Mavericks may have just endured a terrible season but they can take solace knowing they destroyed the Monty Williams/Chris Paul iteration of the Phoenix Suns.

Nick and Issac attempt to read the tea leaves and determine what the Suns might be up to. The Ayton shoe will drop. How is Phoenix targeting and what does that mean for Dallas?

No story about marquee names changing teams makes it to Shams Charania and other news breakers on Twitter without it being part of a carefully thought-out bit of hot stove leverage. The question is not “Will LeBron come to Dallas” - it is, instead, who benefits from this story reaching the public. I do not believe the answer is the Mavericks.

Kirk and Josh break down the rumors and add a dose of reality to all the hyperbole floating around this manufactured drama. Worth a watch.