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Mavs YouTube RoundUp: Free Agency Bonanza Edition

Nico Harrison continues his youth movement

NBA: Boston Celtics at Dallas Mavericks Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The RoundUp usually squirrels away Pod Maverick at the bottom of the list - but this time Kirk Henderson and Josh Bowe bat leadoff for us and break down the Mavericks off season (so far) and for a site that is sometimes labeled overly critical, there is no shortage of well earned praise for the decisions made over the last few weeks by a front office that has seemingly pulled something just short of miraculous (when compared to 2019 through 2022).

Friends of MMB Nick Angstadt and Issac Harris give their thoughts following the Grant Williams acquisition. The RoundUp has just one note to add - you know that hesitation on open looks Reggie Bullock would have during his shooting slumps...yeah, Grant won’t be shy with those.

The Mavericks appear very wise to have refrained from signing Christian Wood at 4/77 or any other number for that matter. Wood has shockingly little value on the open market for a player with his offensive toolset. There has to be more to this story that just defensive shortcomings, right?

The top 25 NBA players under 25? Can you guess who number one is without clicking play? The RoundUp hopes so. The real question is - who will replace Luka on this list for Dallas once he ages out next year.

Fans of Boston Celtics seem optimistic about trading for Kristaps Porzingis. It is rare to find a player who excites both sides of every transaction - coming and going. Give this one about 50 games and check back in on what Celtic fans are feeling.

The new CBA quickly changed where the intersection fiscal policy and roster strategy resides. We saw teams dumping players they would otherwise have likely kept and taking on previously untradable contracts to reach the salary floor - cough why Bertans had value to OKC cough.

A nice debut on the RoundUp from the Just Basketball Podcast channel. The hosts break down why the Mavericks offseason has shifted the roster away from bizarre and much closer to contention.

Don’t have time to watch the entire video the NBA released a couple of months ago but still want to see where your Dallas Mavericks show up? The RoundUp has you covered:
#84 Josh Green’s slingshot wraparound pass. (4:42)
#74 Luka Doncic’s no look kick out to Wood (7:27)
#35 Maxi Kleber’s Game Winner to sink the Lakers (20:58)
#31 Luka Doncic’s Runaway Dunk on Jrue Holiday (22:04)
#6 Luka Doncic’s corner slingshot pass to Hardy (30:11)
#2 Luka Doncic’s miracle putback and happy dance against the Knicks (31:37)

We closeout the RoundUp with highlights from the first Mavs win in Summer League in two years. See, things are already looking up.