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Fans overwhelmingly approve of the Dallas Mavericks offseason

Finally, something most of us agree on

Sacramento Kings v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Glenn James/NBAE via Getty Images

Earlier this week we posted a poll asking a pretty basic question: are you happy with the 2023 offseason for the Dallas Mavericks? The results were very one-sided.

Heading into the draft and then free agency, any Mavericks fan with a pulse knew how important it was that Dallas do something of significance. The problem was it appeared that they were boxed in.

When the Mavericks held on to their draft pick in the lottery, that clarified some of the paths available to them, but the immediate reaction from a significant portion of the punditry was that Dallas should trade the pick for a win-now player. Fast forward to draft night: Dallas traded back two spots and picked up their guy in Dereck Lively while moving off of the contract of Davis Bertans and getting a player exception. They then immediately turned around and absorbed Kings player Richaun Holmes while also taking the 24th draft pick off Sacramento’s hands. They used the pick to draft Olivier-Maxence Prosper from Marquette.

The draft alone was a massive win for a franchise that hadn’t focused much on that means of talent acquisition during the last 20 years. The quick turn into free agency meant no rest for Dallas fans. Kyrie Irving came to a three-year agreement with Dallas, followed by deals for Seth Curry and Dante Exum. Later in the week, the Mavericks came to terms with Dwight Powell, again. A three-team trade netted the Mavericks Grant Williams from the Boston Celtics.

Though they were unable to move on from JaVale McGee (yet), there are some Dallas fans who think the Mavericks need another center. Tim Hardaway Jr. is still on the roster as well, but his deal is team friendly, so I don’t mind having him around. If anything, the Mavericks have some logjams at certain positions.

It’s been a really solid off-season. It’s nice to see that many fans agree.