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Let’s remember some recent Dallas Mavericks players

Looking back at some former Mavs and their journeys after their time in Dallas

Los Angeles Clippers v Dallas Mavericks - Game Six Photo by Glenn James/NBAE via Getty Images

Editor’s note: Longtime site reader and commenter OleB2 had the urge to write and what follows is his submission. If you’re ever interested in writing, you know how to get in contact with us.

The draft is done, NBA Summer League has come and gone (and it was a pretty good one for the first time in… forever?), and the new season is ages away. And since the Dallas Mavericks front office also did a good job, we don’t even have any real complaining to do. Heck, even Luka Doncic seems to be in shape!

So, why not use this idle time to look back on some former Mavericks players – where are they now, how are they doing, and would some of them make sense on today’s Mavs again? The list is not complete (I am picking a couple of players from each past season), so if you think I missed an important one, let me know in the comments. Now, let’s go down memory lane.

2022-23 season

We said goodbye to Spencerr Dinwiddie and Dorian Finney-Smuuth. Emotionally, that was tough. In terms of roster changes and improvement it was the right step. Dodo’s numbers dropped post-trade, especially his 3-point percentage (no Luka on the Nets to set him up), Dinwiddie was solid with the Nets, almost doubling his assist numbers from 5 to 9. Needless to say that Dodo overachieved with the Mavs, while Spencer found his rhythm again easily, being able to create his own shot and setting up others.

Honorable mention: Kemba Walker! Peak Kemba would have been a great fit with the Mavs, but at least we can claim to have witnessed his last stint in the NBA (he hasn’t found a new team since, and I doubt he will). We even saw some vintage Kemba with a 32-point, seven-assist stat line, only to lose by 1 point to the Cavs, what a heartbreaker. A career riddled with injuries, sadly. The $160 million career salary will help a bit.

2021-22 season

This is a tough one… the Mavericks let Jalen Brunson walk. A massive mistake in hindsigh and a massive mistake at the time too. Brunson has that triple-C pedigree, he was consistent, calm, and clutch. For what can now only be called a great bargain, he is putting up massive numbers for the New York Knicks and has taken another strong step forward. Imagine a backcourt of Luka, Kyrie Irving, and Brunson. Scary!

Kristaps Porzingis was traded to the Wizards for Dinwiddie and the Latvian Laser, Davis Bertans. I think it is fair to say that the KP trade (to and from the Mavs) was probably the most impactful, at least on paper, over the past 10 years. In the end, it didn’t work out (health, fit under Rick Carlisle’s system, etc.). I wonder how he would do on today’s Mavericks with Jason Kidd. I was always torn on KP – seemingly a great guy when he was on, he was ON, but the nagging injuries, the resting, the long 3-pointers, it never felt truly right. Now he is in Boston, not a bad place to be if you want a shot at a title.

Boban Marjanovic was traded after 3 seasons as the highest-paid Mavs Mascot. He once scored 31 points (!) in the last game before the Covid pandemic turned the world upside down. Honestly, I miss the gentle giant.

Willie Cauley-Stein was waived by the Mavs in January 2022 and played 2 NBA games since, in which he scored 0 points and committed 12 fouls. I think that says it all.

Charlie Brown (Jr.) was a Maverick and scored 2 points. Great name though.

2020-21 season

Ah, the Josh Richardson experiment (and failure). They traded Seth Curry for Josh… yikes. Curry is now back with Dallas – for the third time. Josh never lived up to expectations and was traded away after one season. He’s has since been with the Celtics, Spurs, and Pelicans. Not a loss for Dallas as, he never found his stride and I don’t remember a single highlight from him.

Dallas also had James Johnson, a scary as hell looking guy, but apparently a really nice guy. He was brought in as an enforcer of sorts but I’m not sure if that ever came to play. Speaking of playing – he still does, now with the Indiana Pacers.

JJ Redick, the podcaster, and Nicolo Melli, who never played another NBA game after his time with the Mavericks… oof the 2020/21 season was rough.

2019-20 season

Wow, that season really was something in terms of players, both good and bad. It was the final year of JJ Barea, probably the most likable Maverick after Dirk Nowitzki. He would get under the opposing team’s skin and had incredible chemistry with Devin Harris, both setting each other up for cuts to the basket. He was also once nearly murdered by Andrew Bynum mid-air.

Ryan Broekhoff, the Accountant, was a fan favorite and a feel-good story. He came into the NBA at age 28 and played two seasons, after which he returned to Australia and just recently retired. His best game was when pouring in 17 points in a 35-point win over the Warriors, which is not a bad memory to have. He will also tell his children that he once played with Dirk Nowitzki and saw him retire.

Seth Curry, the second time we let him go… and now he is back. Maybe we keep him this time?

Justin Jackson, oh dear, what a mess. He never (and I really mean never) found his stride, yet he is still around on his sixth team in as many years. In his last season with the Celtics, he scored less than 1 point/game. I guess letting him go was the right decision.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, once drafted second in the 2012 draft by the Charlotte Hornets, played his last 13 career games in Dallas, and hasn’t set foot on an NBA court since. The Mavericks really have a knack for some obscure signings…

Delon Wright is quite the story. On April 5th, 2019 he scored a triple-double against the Maverickss, in Dallas. Two days later he scored another triple-double, this time at home… also against the Mavericks. So, of course, the next season Dallas had to sign him (right?), only to trade him away after that season ended. In the four years since he has been with 4 teams. Another high hope signing that bombed badly.

There’s a lot of turnover in the NBA, but the point is to enjoy these guys while they’re here. In some cases, that’s harder than others, but sports can’t be fun all the time. Who are some other Dallas Mavericks you remember fondly or not so fondly from more distant seasons?