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World Cup 2023: Slovenia and Luka Dončić to meet Japan as a final preparation

Saturday, Luka Dončić and Slovenia play their last scheduled prep game against Japan in Tokyo

Luka Doncic seen during the Spain and Slovenia friendly... Photo by Francis Gonzalez/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Luka Dončić and the Slovenian national team have played Team USA, Montenegro, Greece and Spain as part of their preparation for the FIBA World Cup 2023. Saturday they face Japan in Tokyo in their last prep game.

Japan, August 19th, in Tokyo, Japan, 8.00 am (Europe), 1.00 am CT

A couple of days ago, the team arrived in Tokyo, where they will play Japan and get a lot of needed practice in. Luka Dončić is expected to play in this last real test before the first group stage of the World Cup begins.

Slovenia’s first game will be against Venezuela the following Saturday, 25th August, at 13.30 (Europe), 7.30 am CT.

Earlier this week, the final 12 was selected, and head coach Aleksander Sekulić went with American Mike Tobey as big man over American Jordan Morgan (as there can only be one foreign born player on the team), and the team also had to say goodbye to Aljaž Kunc.

The first group stage for the World Cup starts August 25th with Slovenia playing in Group F in Okinawa, Japan, and face Cape Verde, Georgia, and Venezuela.

If Slovenia advances to the Second Round, it will meet the best two teams from Group E, consisting of Germany, Finland, Australia, and one of the host nations, Japan.