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World Cup 2023: Luka Dončić is back with Slovenia in prep game against Greece

Luka Dončić and Slovenia will play Greece Wednesday in their second preparation game and Luka’s first. The Slovenia World Cup preparation schedule features six games over the next month  


Luka Dončić and the Slovenian national team are playing Team USA, Montenegro, Greece, Spain and Japan as part of their preparation for the FIBA World Cup 2023.

Greece, August 2nd, in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 8.30 pm local time, 1:30 pm CT

The first real test, two European powerhouses meeting in a sold out arean. Luka Dončić is expected to play but Giannis Antetokounmpo will most likely be out with a knee injury.

How to watch: FIBA Courtside app.

Greece, August 4th, in Athens, Greece, TBA

The second game between the two nations in Athens may be even more entertaining.

How to watch: FIBA Courtside app.

*Montenegro, August 8th, in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 6.00 pm local time, 11:00 am CT

Slovenia was initially scheduled to meet Croatia in a game that had been in the books for months. But only days before the game was supposed to take place, Croatia canceled. Montenegro, another Balkan nation and World Cup participant, was luckily able to step in and take over the slot.

Spain, August 11th, in Malaga, Spain, TBA

The team will travel to Spain and play two games here. The EuroBasket Champions 2022 will be a good test for the Slovenian team ahead of the World Cup.

USA, August 12th, in Malaga, Spain, TBA

Slovenia will face Team USA, one of the favorites to win it all. Another great test.

Japan, August 19th, in Tokyo, Japan, TBA

The last test will be against Japan after the long trip East.

The first group stage for the World Cup starts August 25th with Slovenia playing in Group F in Okinawa, Japan, and face Cape Verde, Georgia, and Venezuela.

If Slovenia advances to the Second Round, it will meet the best two teams from Group E, consisting of Germany, Finland, Australia, and one of the host nations, Japan.