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Podcast: JaVale McGee waived, FIBA World Cup ahead, the NBA schedule release, and more

There’s a lot of Dallas Mavericks news to talk about during what’s usually a dead period!

2023 NBA Playoffs - Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

It’s the middle of August, there’s not supposed to be anything going on. Every weekend, Josh and I try to work on what we’ll talk about in the upcoming summer show. And without fail, every week this summer something has happened. This time it was the breaking news about JaVale McGee likely getting waived and the probable signing of Markieff Morris to a non-guaranteed contract.

That leads the show, both with me ranting about how bad the McGee signing was and some questions about why the Mavericks are stretching McGee’s deal over a period of years. The Morris signing annoys me, but if it’s a Jason Kidd preference, better that at the end of the bench than as a starting center in McGee like last season.

Thankfully there’s more to talk about, with the good news that Josh Green’s injury in a World Cup warm-up is actually just an ankle sprain. The video looked BAD, but it’s a reminder once again that the human body is weird. Then there’s some discussion of Luka Doncic’s show against Japan.

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After a break, we then look at the schedule and talk about Josh’s post comparing the rosters of 2020 and this upcoming season. The schedule release is always fun, with Dallas having a LONG January home stand and a soft-looking schedule to end the season.

This was a fun show. Give us a listen and maybe subscribe to both YouTube and the podcast on an audio device!

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