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MMB Lounge: World Cup and the Dog Days of Summer

We’re closer to the start of the season, but we’ve still got a while

Dominican Republic v Philippines: Group A - FIBA World Cup Photo by Yong Teck Lim/Getty Images

Here’s the last lounge thread. Someone email me if I don’t do a new one in a month! I intend to do things but during the summer I get lax on things that should be easy, so my apologies.

I’m not sure what we’re going to do when there’s no summer basketball. With Eurobasket last summer, the World Cup this summer, and the Olympics next summer, the summer of 2025 is going to be really boring in comparison. It’s been nice to have these small breaks from basketball only to have to turn around and watch something shortly thereafter. With four different Mavericks in group play at the moment, we should have plenty to overreact to. I am going to lean in on any and all Dante Exum hype.

The Dallas roster seems mostly locked up, with JaVale getting waived soon enough and a Morris brother staying with the team. That contract is non-guaranteed though, so perhaps we’ll have some back-end roster juggling to have strong thoughts on as soon as next month.

I need the full pre-season schedule released. Is Dallas just doing the three games overseas? The regular season part is out but I haven’t done a thorough examination of whats out there for pre-season. Someone let me know.

NBA basketball’s back soon folks!