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The Dallas Mavericks players you’re watching in the FIBA World Cup

Mavericks fans are pretty excited about the FIBA World Cup

BASKET-WC-2023-CAN-FRA Photo by YASUYOSHI CHIBA/AFP via Getty Images

Earlier this week we had a flash poll, asking fans some questions about the FIBA World Cup. Group play started early this morning but I didn’t get the final results from the questions until this afternoon. If you aren’t sure when games are, here’s a schedule and they should all be on ESPN+. The first question was pretty simple: do you plan to watch the FIBA World Cup? The answer was overwhelmingly YES.

After that, I was curious about the three various options fans have. Of those who responded yes to the question about watching, 91% of those fans said they’d be watching Slovenia and Luka Doncic. Shocked that one’s not 100%, but here we are.

Three out of four fans plan to watch Josh Green and Dante Exum on Australia. Get on the Exum hype train now! His NBA comeback is going to be GREAT.

Then we have Dwight Powell and Canada and just 32% of fans who are watching plan to watch our neighbors to the north. This is a bit sad because SGA is amazing and worth watching even if you’re not a Powell fan.

A majority of fans plan to catch Team USA as well, which has former Dalal’s guard Jalen Brunson among other stars. They should be fun to watch as they’re very good but not dominant.

Let me know any additional teams you're going to check out in the comments!