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SB Reacts: Dallas Mavericks fans are feeling bullish on the team’s chances this season

Expectations are up there for the coming 2023-24 season

Chicago Bulls v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Tim Heitman/Getty Images

Almost every week, I’m asked if I have a poll question for fans to answer. Sometimes it’s a struggle, particularly if there’s nothing going on in the Dallas Mavericks basketball world. But we’ve been spoiled this summer, between a steady drip of news and international basketball, there’s always something going on.

That allowed me to wait a long time until I got to ask some questions that ask fans to predict the future. This week we had four questions and each answer surprised me! There’s also the results from the national poll that gets taken every week near the bottom that I found interesting.

Up first, we have the results from whether fans think Dallas will hit the over or under on the win total in 2023-24, which was set at 45.5 by DraftKings

A big shout out to the designer for using Reggie Bullock’s photo since he’s not on the team. But 85% of you are feeling GREAT about Dallas next season, which given their off-season is pretty understandable. This many wins would be a triumph. Of course, that means the results as to whether Dallas would finish in the top four, top six, or the play-in are pretty self-explanatory.

The top six is a noble goal after missing the playoffs and play-in entirely. Then I wanted to know whether people thought Luka would make his 5th straight All-NBA first team. Shocking results, let me tell you.

Everyone thought so! Well... maybe not one person or something, but this is overwhelming. Hopefully, Luka Doncic is a strong MVP candidate. That would help the Mavericks a great deal.

Next I wanted to take the pulse of where the fanbase thinks Dereck Lively might end up.

All-Rookie is an achievable goal, it means being one of the 10 best. Yes, he’s a center like Victor Wembanyama, but I think Lively might end up playing more games. 42% is a lower number than I thought but only just so. I hope he ends up surprising us.

Then there were some good results from the national poll about the World Cup I wanted to share.

This one’s kind of a gimme but I also think that Canada has a very good chance of beating Team USA. It’s pretty fascinating that they’re just destroying teams.

Next there was a question about how people are paying attention to the World Cup.

Yeah, checking scores got the most votes, but that half of the respondents are watching given the times of the games is actually pretty fantastic. Also 11% aren’t interested, which is sad. It’s been really fun!

That concludes this week’s polls. Keep watching the World Cup and we’ll be back next week.

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