Mavericks Trade For Pacers' Myles Turner In Bold Proposal

When a team signs a player at the deadline, that indicates they might want to limit their expectations for the entire season. That’s because it takes time for NBA teams to develop the cohesion and chemistry of their players. An NBA team can bring in a superstar, but still fall short of their fans' expectations and the Dallas Mavericks understand that better than any team.

The Mavericks signed Kyrie Irving towards the deadline, a move that many saw as a bold gambit. Despite being a super-talented player, Irving is known to tank a team’s chemistry. Either way, Kyrie Irving didn’t immediately match well with Luka Doncic. As such, the Mavericks weren’t satisfied with their performance for the rest of the season, but they retained Irving this summer regardless.

That was a great decision for the team as the Mavericks could not afford the assets required to have Kyrie Irving for only half the season. Besides, Irving had a whole summer to develop his chemistry with his teammates. With that in mind, the Dallas Mavericks might need to make some changes in their roster to improve the group surrounding their star duo.

With the right players surrounding the star duo of Irving and Doncic, the Mavericks will have enough power to remain among the top sports geek picks for NBA punters the rest of the season. So, can they start by signing Myles Turner from the Indiana Pacers?

The Trade Proposal

Dallas Mavericks to receive: Myles Turner

Indiana Pacers to Receive: G/F Josh Green, G Jaden Hardy, G/F Tim Hardaway Jr., 2028 First-round Pick, 2027 First-round pick

Hesitating to make a deal can result in problems for the teams involved and hanging on a player too long can also hurt the trade value. However, rushing into a deal won’t benefit anyone either. With that in mind, the Pacer can justify the decision to trade Turner or keep him.

Turner is a reasonably young player, but the Indiana Pacers could waste his time if they start concentrating on rebuilding. Myles Turner is exceedingly useful and that’s exactly why the Indiana Pacers stand to get a haul for his skills.

Why the Pacers should consider the deal

The Indiana Pacers are currently at a crossroads. While they were sneakily competitive last season, they weren’t good enough to make it to the playoffs. They might make marginal moves to improve ahead of the 2023/2024 season or they might decide to undertake a long-term rebuilding exercise. However, the latter route seems most likely.

Tyrese Haliburton hasn’t hit his prime years and there are plenty of young talents like Benedict Mathurin and Jalace Walker on their roster. This deal gives the Pacers more young players since Hardy might become a star player with time. Josh Green might also develop into a valuable utility player in a few years.

Why the Mavericks should consider the deal

Instead of looking into the future, the Dallas Mavericks are concerned with the here and now. Irving and Doncic are together and their goal is to bring home the NBA championship. But what are the Dallas Mavericks missing?

Primarily, the Dallas Mavericks need a defensive anchor. While Derrick Lively II could become that anchor, he is still raw as a rookie. In contrast, Myles Turner is a polished rim protector capable of defending in space. As such, Turner would be an excellent addition to the Mavericks roster. However, that would mean prematurely giving up on Hardy, who might become a star guard in a few seasons.

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