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MMB Lounge: Pre-season is here!

The Mavericks are finally back

NBA Player Kyrie Irving Attends New Product Logo Launch Event Photo by Fred Lee/Getty Images

We’re finally (almost, October 1st if I’m being honest) back with Dallas Mavericks basketball. Here’s the previous Lounge Thread if you have any conversations to continue.

Media day is right around the corner and it’s time for as much hope and prognostication as you want. Once the games officially start, then we can be more pragmatic, but for right now I’m pretty excited. Luka Doncic seems hungry, Kyrie Irving seems happy, and the rest of the group appears ready to get back at the quest for the championship.

Let us know what you’d like to see this year. I can’t promise we’ll do anything different, but you never know. Also reach out to me if you’d be interested in doing any writing for us. Some of our writers used to be commenters!

Everyone have a good time and be good to one another.