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Mavericks hope to get Doncic close to 100% healthy before regular season

Doncic is recovering from a high injury

2023 FIBA World Cup - Canada v Slovenia Photo by Brian Choi/NBAE via Getty Images

Luka Doncic’s health was a primary concern as the Dallas Mavericks began training camp this week. The Slovenian superstar sustained a thigh injury while playing for his home country in the FIBA World Cup earlier this summer.

Initially, Doncic indicated that the injury might be serious, raising the question of what he can and can’t do in camp, especially as the Mavericks underwent two-a-days the first two days of practice. However, as he spoke with the media on Wednesday, he said he’s still undergoing treatments, but the injury is better, and he can participate.

“Yeah [I can do everything in training camp],” Doncic said. “I think maybe, because we have two-a-day [practices] in the afternoon, we’re going to get some walk-through, no tape, but maybe talk with [head athletic trainer] Dionne [Calhoun] to skip some stuff, but otherwise, I’ll do everything.”

The Mavericks started training camp earlier than usual this year. Two-a-day practices aren’t the norm for NBA teams, but head coach Jason Kidd felt that they were necessary because Doncic and his teammates will fly to the United Arab Emirates next week, where they will compete in the 2023 NBA Abu Dhabi Games.

While Doncic participated in the two-a-days, his health was top of mind for Kidd as camp got underway. Kidd thought Doncic looked good in practice, but he understands that getting Doncic healthy is one of the paramount goals of training camp.

“He’s probably not 100%,” Kidd said Wednesday. “Hopefully, we can get him as close to 100%. I think I might have mentioned this: anytime you play, it’s hard to be 100%. For him to get as close — I think he looks great. His first day was great. The topic of getting him stronger and getting him closer to 100% before the first game is the goal.”