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Podcast: More World Cup with Luka Doncic and mailbag questions

This one was recorded before Slovenia fell to Canada

Lithuania v Slovenia: Classification 5-8 - FIBA Basketball World Cup Photo by Ezra Acayan/Getty Images

On Tuesday night Josh Bowe and I recorded what’s become our weekly show. And as we know, Slovenia lost to Canada on Wednesday morning and Luka Doncic got ejected. But before we knew all that, I riffed for a while about some of Slovenia’s toughest match-ups to date. I also had a soliloquy about international basketball and why I like it so much. Then we have a short break.

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After the break we take a number of questions from Twitter, including the very good one from someone on Twitter who doesn’t care for me, asking if I still dislike Kyrie Irving. Josh and I took questions ranging from who we think will be in the third two-way contract to why Luka isn’t more of a face in the current NBA. I also talk about Starfield in the end.

This isn’t our finest show, but we’re at that point in the off-season. Let’s see what we come up with next week because I do not want to discuss Doncic’s ejection from the FIBA Quarterfinal game.

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