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Quote board: “I think it’s a trend here, unfortunately”

Jason Kidd and Luka Doncic briefly speak to the referees following the loss to the Suns

Phoenix Suns v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Sam Hodde/Getty Images

The Dallas Mavericks lost the thread against the Phoenix Suns on Wednesday, falling in a terrible loss, 132-109. There was a whopping 44 point swing at one point in the game and the Mavericks embarrassed themselves with their effort an execution. We’ve already covered the game here with a long recap and here with some additional stats for context. But if you’re here you want to see what Jason Kidd and Luka Doncic said to the media following the game:

Jason Kidd

(On whether or not the team lost focus due to officiating...)

“I think it’s a trend here, unfortunately. The referees are the referees, they’re going to make calls, good or bad. It’s just the nature of the league. But we can’t get calls every time down. We have to be better. It’s the end of January … mentally and physically fatigued. Sometimes you short circuit. We have to be better at that as a group. A lot of Ts [technical fouls], ejections. We’ll go back and talk about that. That first half, we put ourselves in a good position. In the second half, give them credit, ‘Book’ [Devin Booker] got going. We did everything we could, and we just couldn’t stop them.”

(On managing Luka Dončić’s interactions with referees...)

“Don’t have an answer. I think we might have jinxed it today talking about he hadn’t had a ‘T’ [technical foul], it had been a while before Boston. You could see with Boston; he was running hot. Tonight, he was running hot. We’ll talk to him about it. He’s a competitor, he likes to have discussions with the referees, but he has to be better. As a group, we have to be better. We can’t come out of halftime and give up a 40-something quarter against a very good team – that just puts too much pressure on your defense, and it puts way too much pressure on your offense when you’re not shooting the ball straight. That’s the way it’s been for us this week.”

(On the play of Suns guard Devin Booker...)

“We didn’t execute anything defensively. Another lesson learned from Boston to this game is he’s efficient. He didn’t have to go get it in the first quarter. He was patient. He picked his spot, and he took advantage of it. So, for young players to learn from that – and we can learn from that – ‘Book’ [Devin Booker] was going. When he’s going, he’s one of the best at the mid-range and getting to the basket. Then being able to get off the ball … I thought he did a really good job of getting off the ball when he was double teamed, and then the ball found him.”

Luka Doncic

(On Phoenix’s run spanning the second and third quarters…)

“It was our defense. I think Book (Devin Booker) went off, he couldn’t miss, he destroyed us. I think it was our defense.”

(On tweaking his right ankle during the game…)

“I twisted the same ankle, but I’m fine.”

(On if the officiating affected the team’s composure…)

“No, I think we just played very physically the first 17 or 18 minutes. Then our physicality went down, and that’s when we struggled. We got to be physical all game.”

(On how the team can improve on defense…)

“I don’t know, we just got to be more physical – that’s it. I think when we play physical 48 minutes it’s hard to beat us. We got to play physically without fouling.”

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