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Podcast: Dallas Mavericks crumble to Phoenix Suns, 132-109

Dallas loses again, we talk about it on a live show

Phoenix Suns v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Sam Hodde/Getty Images

The Dallas Mavericks lost another horrifying game, making it three in a row, this time to the Phoenix Suns, 132-109. At one point they held a 16-point lead but through a quarter and a half between the second and third periods, allowed a 44-point swing to occur. They ended up getting waxed. It was awful. So, following the game, Matthew and I decide to talk about the game at length on Youtube!

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Matthew and I start off recapping the game angrily. It’s a bad loss, let’s be clear, but I’ve not been this ticked off during a show in a long, long time. We settle into a better flow, with less me being furious, to cover where things went wrong, why, and if there’s any means to fix all this. Dallas is still above .500 but this stinks.

If you missed any of our other coverage, there’s the stats post that gets into some of the better details. I also wrote a lengthy, kind of incoherent recap, but that can be fun for some people. There’s also the quote board where Kidd and Luka Doncic speak directly.

This game stank, but I appreciate you coming here to listen to us talk about, or watch us talk about it, and maybe even read us talking about it!

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