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Mavs YouTube RoundUp: 73 Points Forever Edition

That trade worked out.

Dallas Mavericks v Atlanta Hawks Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

73 Points. Wow.

When the next statue is unveiled in front of whatever arena/casino/symphony hall/shopping mall amalgamation follows the AAC - many of us will undoubtedly remember this week with fondness. Taking in greatness in real-time and processing it as such is not a given. All too often these days, we are stuck comparing “this to that” in an endless loop of reacting to incendiary opinions expressed with far more gusto than credibility. It is inevitable that after Luka Doncic drops a virtuoso performance, the more exhausting corners of the commentariat pop off in the most predictable and inane fashion. Don’t be fooled by that noise. You are witnessing greatness worthy of stories for your future children, grandchildren, etc.

We begin (and later end) with a Dallas point guard doing amazing things. Panda Hank shows you the highlights that are required viewing before drawing any larger conclusions from the videos that follow.

While the RoundUp encourages you to watch this video from 6Man, the title itself is absurdly negative - we live in an age where quality videos aren’t clicked on without extreme language in the title. When you turn the volume up to 11, it all starts to sound the same.

I remember tuning in to the NBA on NBC to hear Marv Albert grind out the call of Bulls Knicks in the 80s - the decade and the scoring range. No one talked about how the NBA was broken back then even though eras of offense brilliance had proceeded it. The truth is these things are trends on a pendulum. Rather than complain about what we don’t have in this era, embrace and enjoy it.

The RoundUp remembers Adrian Griffin’s playing days as a Maverick. The news of his quick firing was shocking but not surprising. The Bucks are in win-now mode and it is impossible to lose a locker room you never had in your corner to start with. Hoping Griff gets another chance someday on a team that is in a different place in their talent cycle.

Watching this video may give you a different perspective on Curry.

You have probably seen the JxmyHighroller video on this iconic moment. This video is a thought-provoking rebuttal and a case in point of how quickly narratives are set in stone if the audience is big enough.

A fun ranking of NBA arenas. Did he get it right?

PandaHank closes us out with highlights from a Hall of Fame point guard who never should have left town. The championship was the pinnacle for Mavs fandom but the Nash era was the most fun brand of basketball we have ever seen in Dallas.