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Podcast: Dallas Mavericks hold off Orlando Magic, 131-129

Mavericks finally get a home win that had been eluding them

Orlando Magic v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Tim Heitman/Getty Images

The Dallas Mavericks finally get a win at home, defeating the Orlando Magic 131-129. After the game, Josh Bowe and I immediately recorded a podcast where we reacted to one of the more exciting and rewarding games of the 2024 part of the NBA season.

If you missed the regular recap, be sure to check out this really quality summation of the game right here. There’s also this handy stats-to-know post as well!

We start covering what happened in the first half, with the Mavericks getting wildly out shot, despite scoring the ball pretty well themselves. Jaden Hardy was huge in keeping the Mavericks within a reasonable striking distance.

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The second half went wildly in favor of the Mavericks, between three point shooting and free throws and despite some rather uncomfortable points, Dallas held on to get a huge win.

After a short break, we engage in a longer conversation about whether or not this game may have saved Jason Kidd’s job. Given how badly the games have gone in Janury (and yeah they’ve gone bad) and the schedule ahead (Dallas will be lucky to go .500 to close out the games before All-Star Break), we openly wondered how bad things might have gotten if this winnable game got away from them.

Then I hosted my semi-regular fan show and despite several people hanging out on the livestream, no one wanted to talk! Which is fine. I had fun answering questions after chatting with one guest. Remember you too can join!

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