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Mark Cuban to give $35 million in bonuses to Dallas Mavericks team staff

As part of the transition from his ownership to the next, team employees will be given the gift as a thank you.

Utah Jazz v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Sam Hodde/Getty Images

In a message to Dallas Mavericks employees today, now former majority owner Mark Cuban has indicated that $35 million in bonuses will be awarded to staff as part of the transition from his tenure to the new leadership group of the Adelson and Dumont families. Part of a longer letter, this portion was shared today through ESPN’s Tim MacMahon:

According to NBA reporter Marc Stein this is the first time Cuban has publicly acknowledged his selling majority control to Adelson and Dumont, the high-profile families that run Las Vegas Sands Corp. While it is a rather unique deal (reportedly a $3.5 Billion valuation) that keeps Cuban around the team in a basketball operations role, Patrick Dumont will now serve as team governor.

This act by Cuban and the new ownership group is fantastic. These organizations, while prominent in a public spotlight, often are run by a small contingent of hardworking people. Though details of the structure of the bonuses were not made public, it could serve to be an impactful sum of money for many.

This isn’t the first time Cuban, who purchased the team almost exactly 24 years ago today, has been so giving to his staff. At the start of the pandemic he also continued to pay his hourly arena workers who could no longer work due to the cancelling of games. It is nice to see the organization, who has consistently played a key part in the local community, give to the employees who keep it running.