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Quote board: Shorthanded Mavs rout Blazers

Dallas sweeps the season series with the Portland

Portland Trail Blazers v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Tim Heitman/Getty Images

The Dallas Mavericks defeated the Portland Trail Blazers — again — Friday night, 139-103. In doing so, the Mavericks swept their season series with the Blazers. The win also marked the first time Dallas won both games in a two-game series with the same opponent during the regular season. It broke a streak of more than dozen splits or losses in a two-game series.

Kyrie Irving led the way for the Mavericks, who were without Luka Doncic, Dereck Lively II, Dante Exum, Markieff Morris, Maxi Kleber, Richaun Holmes, and Grant Williams. Irving poured in 24 points while Tim Hardaway Jr. and Jaden Hardy scored 19 apiece. Josh Green and AJ Lawson had 14 points, and Derrick Jones Jr. scored 12 points.

Here’s what the Mavs and Portland’s Scoot Henderson had to say after the blowout:

Jaden Hardy

(On his nine-assist game tonight…)

“I feel like when I was out there, just slowing the game down and trying to make the right read when I’m out there. I feel like I can create and get in the paint easily, so just reading the defense and finding my teammates.”

(On playing extended minutes with Mavericks guard Kyrie Irving…)

“It felt good to be out there with ‘Kai’ [Kyrie Irving]. He gives me confidence when I’m out there telling me to go. I feed off of his energy too, so just having him around and being around the young guys, we feed off him and Luka’s [Dončić] energy. I just feel good when I’m out there with him.”

(On stepping up when players are injured…)

“When guys go down, what we say in that locker room is ‘next man up’ mentality. Just sticking to that, being ready whenever my name is called.”

(On his shot creation tonight…)

“Just try to pick my spots and take what the defense was giving me. When I was open, just stepping into that shot with confidence.”

(On what he has seen from his game during times with extended minutes…)

“When I go back and watch the film, just slowing down and watching the game. Just knowing time, score, and when to attack or give my teammates the ball. I feel like I have done a great job of getting better at that.”

Josh Green

(On his thoughts about tonight’s game…)

“Overall, it was a great game. I think we needed that. We knew they were going to come out, especially after the last game, with a lot of energy. Being able to concentrate … It’s hard to back up the game we played last time against them. We just made sure we came out with the right energy, and making sure were ready to go. I think one through 15 we did that, when guys are injured, guys are able to step up.”

(On how he got back into game shape after his injury…)

“I just try to stay in shape even when I’m out. I try to run as much as I can, do as many things that translate to the game. I was definitely exhausted in the first quarter though, I had to call for a sub which I don’t think I have ever done, but I definitely needed that. I like to work out, so I thought I was in pretty good shape coming back.”

(On how it felt seeing the young players getting an opportunity to play more minutes…)

“It’s always good to see, all these guys they work super hard. Seeing somebody like ‘O-Max’ [Olivier-Maxence Prosper], you know he comes in every day super early and works out, and I can say the same for all of them. It’s always really good to see that hard work come into play. And ‘B-Will’ [Brandon Williams], I played at Arizona with him. He was injured the year I was there, but he’s a great guy and I am excited to spend the rest of the year with him.”

Jason Kidd

(On the 36-point win tonight…)

“Good win. A lot of bodies out. Next man mentality. I thought [Jaden] Hardy was great. [Kyrie Irving] got us off to a really good start there, kind of like what happened the last game. I thought [Kyrie] picked up right where he left off. But I thought as a group, everybody played hard. Josh [Green], those starters, [Derrick] Jones [Jr.] didn’t have to play 30-plus minutes today. But again, everyone who participated played at a high level and got us a team win.”

(On the Mavericks bench’s play…)

“Tim [Hardway Jr.] has been Tim coming off the bench, we kept him in his role tonight. But I thought the bench was big. When you look at what [Hardaway] and [Seth] Curry did, what AJ [Lawson], O-Max [Olivier-Maxence Prosper] and [Greg] Brown [III] and Brandon [Willliams]. All those guys who played, again, played the right way and so it showed. Again, a great team win to play like that without Luka [Dončić] and [Dereck Lively II] and the rest of the people who were [out]—Grant [Williams]—there’s a long list. But you get my point about the injuries—but it’s been like that all season. Next man mentality and guys have been ready. I think that’s been a big thing, guys have been ready to play.”

(On the strengths of Mavericks guard Jaden Hardy’s game…)

“I think when he’s off the ball and then he gets on the ball; his ability to score; then his ability to find guys, and he was at a high level this evening. Again, each time he’s taken the floor he’s gotten better.”

Scoot Henderson

(On how the Mavericks are different without Mavericks guard Luka Dončić…)

“I don’t think they (Mavericks) are a lot better. I think the ball is flying. They get up the floor really fast and the kick ahead (pass) is always there. They’ve got fast players that can shoot, so I think with Luka [Dončić], he just takes his time. Even when he is in, they are a fast team and when he is out, they are even faster.”