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Mavs YouTube Roundup: Trade Acquisition Edition

Dallas is no longer fun sized which is way more fun

Cleveland Cavaliers v Washington Wizards Photo by Stephen Gosling/NBAE via Getty Images

We begin this installment of the RoundUp with reactions from the original Locked On Mavericks duo, Nick and Issac. The boys are back together again after the trades were made official.

ThreeCone checks in with a reaction video to the Thunder and Mavericks afternoon matinee.

Slightly Biased breaks down Gafford’s game in this extended look at the new Maverick Center.

Joel Embiid was on track to (potentially) winning back-to-back MVPs. It all changed in an instant.

An extended Luka Doncic interview with JJ Redick? It's YouTube gold, a must-watch.

PandaHank gives us the fist-pump-inducing manna from basketball heaven we need after every new addition. Prepare to fall in hoop love with Gafford.

PandaHank gives PJ Washington the red-carpet YouTube treatment too. Gosh, this looks like a match made in basketball heaven.

Mavericks Digest is a relatively new channel. Give this video a watch and sub if you vibe with his style.

Goat is one of the best NBA channels going right now. Have a look at his editing style and sub if you enjoy his tour around the league.

Instant Analysis from Kirk and Josh - at least as instant as it gets from guys with day jobs! Subscribe to Pod Maverick for more from the MMB crew.

When your new player says it is a dream come true, that’s a fine start indeed.

Speaking of Centers, we close with a look at this tower of a man. If he had been born 25 years earlier, the Nelsons would have been scouting this dude. What a giant, wowsers.