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Podcast: Dallas Mavericks overcome Washington Wizards, 112-104

The Dallas Mavericks played an ugly game and won anyway. We talk about it for Pod Maverick

Washington Wizards v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Sam Hodde/Getty Images

After the Dallas Mavericks rallied back late in the fourth quarter to defeat the Washington Wizards 112-104, Josh Bowe and I got behind our respective microphones to talk about the game.

This was a game where the Mavericks came out with low energy and it took them the entire contest to find something to get them over the hump. For the first 10 minutes of the show, Josh and I go back and forth about what was working and what wasn’t. Dallas didn’t fulfill their defensive principles for 42 of the game’s 48 minutes.

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After a short break, we break down the game’s of Daniel Gafford and just about every other Maverick that played significant minutes. P.J. Washington had an up-and-down game at best, but came up big in the fourth. Tim Hardaway is getting too much leeway to fire away. Josh Green continues with his strong play and Jaden Hardy looks like a NBA role player, finally.

We dip in and out of Jason Kidd’s non-coaching being a talking point, you can tell I want to, but it puts us down a winding road that leads nowhere. The fourth quarter was particularly fun as the Mavericks exuded some actual effort for once in the game.

I end with a bit of a Spencer Dinwiddie rant, which I enjoyed doing.

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