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MMB Lounge: Trade deadline, All Star game, and more in February

A busy month is ahead

Dallas Mavericks v Minnesota Timberwolves Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

It’s time (okay, slightly late on my part) for another MMB Lounge thread. Last month’s thread closed with an incredible 712 comments, so if you need to redirect back to a previous discussion, here’s your starting point.

There’s a lot, potentially, on the horizon. The NBA trade deadline is soon and we’ve not done a good job theorizing or reporting on rumors. Part of that is I am simply so tired with baby stuff. The other part is that I have never been good about wishcasting stuff like former MMBer Dalton Trigg (not to mention the sheer idiocy of a lot of readers when it comes to some stories. There’s a big difference between “I think this idea is good” and “this is now a rumor based on nothing”, which is what a lot of readers do with stories like those). As a result, we simply haven’t done a ton. Maybe we will as the deadline nears.

After that the Mavericks will either run or limp into the All Star break. There’s a lot of potential for a let down heading into the break; these Mavericks are injured and the ones who are not are TIRED. Hopefully the coaching staff and the players can motivate themselves to keep up the fight and Dallas can head into the break with a few game cushion over .500.

Following All Star break is the stretch run for seeding and the playoffs. Things are dicey out West. A bad week could ruin your season. Dallas needs to be sharp but they also just need some better injury luck. I hope they get it.

Thanks for always hanging out. Please remind me on March 1st to do another one. Everyone have a great month and go Mavs!