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Roundtable: What Dallas Mavericks trade would you want to see?

The staff wishcasts a bit

San Antonio Spurs v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Tim Heitman/Getty Images

This season Mavs Moneyball isn’t big on trade season. But we’re still interested, and this week I asked the staff to let us know what trades they’d like to see the Mavericks make and if it’s realistic.

Xavier: Grant Williams and Jaden Hardy for Gordon Hayward. Dallas sheds Grant Williams contract while bringing in someone capable of playmaking for himself and others. Hayward’s value is low because of his contract. Hardy is worth as much if not more than a late second round pick. With Williams the Hornets have a depreciated asset that could net them something in the future.

Matt M: If the Mavericks can get any one of the three: Kyle Kuzma, Deni Avdija or Daniel Gafford from the Washington Wizards, I’d be happy. If they can do it while also keeping Tim Hardaway Jr., Olivier-Maxence Prosper and Dante Exum, that seems like a pretty optimal outcome. Personally, I like Avdija more than the other two, but he is difficult as a primary target in a trade because he only makes about $6 million this year before his extension kicks in next season. It’s a descending 4-year deal starting at $15 million next season and ending at just over $11 million for the 2027-28 season.

According to poison pill rules, you’d have to average his current salary with the yearly numbers in each year of his extension to get his new “number” for trade purposes. So if we can distill that down to one trade possibility, let’s go with Avdija for Grant Williams and a draft pick. That would be my dream trade. To get Kuzma it might take more, something like Williams, Richaun Holmes, Josh Green and a pick? Is that right? But don’t all of these possibilities put Dallas either over or right up against the dreaded second apron of luxury tax layers where things start to get really punitive? More questions than answers.

David: I’d love for Dallas to deal Josh Green, Maxi Kleber, Richaun Holmes and a first round pick for Kyle Kuzma. Kuzma is in a bad situation but has championship experience and incredible offensive skill. He’d fit great on this Dallas team and could be a big piece next to Luka going forward.

Gracie: My ideal target for Dallas is PJ Washington. His situation with the Hornets is a weird one. Charlotte held off on resigning him for a while, which made everyone question if he would return to the team. He’s 6’7” and can slide into that PF spot and play small ball five for some possessions. His ppg numbers are down a little this year, but with the amount of forwards Charlotte has on the team this year it makes sense. He would be a great addition for the Mavericks who desperately need size if they can get a deal done. Ideally, I’m all on board if they can get him while keeping their tradable first. If a deal that sent Holmes and Hardy or Holmes and Green along with a second round pick for Washington could be done, I’d make the call immediately.

Jack: I’ll throw two out there, both with a pretty unrealistic chance of happening. Dallas needs to focus on adding size and defensive talent. I don’t know why Washington would trade Deni Avdija, but if they’re listening to offers, Dallas should do everything possible to acquire him. Avdija brings size, playmaking ability, and improved spot-up shooting at either forward spot. He’s an excellent defender and would instantly elevate the Mavericks on that end of the floor. I’d offer Josh Green, Jaden Hardy, Grant Williams, a top-10 protected 2027 first round pick, and a 2028 second round pick to see if that’s enough to pry Avdija (plus Delon Wright as a sweetener) away.

Secondly, the Mavericks should kick the tires on PJ Washington and see if they have what it takes to make a deal. Adding Washington would give Dallas a two-way wing that does a little bit of everything. He can score, he’s a respectable shooter, and you can play him at any frontcourt spot. He’s a versatile and athletic defender and should fit like a glove with Luka and Kyrie. I’d offer Richaun Holmes , Josh Green, Olivier Maxence-Prosper, and both the 2025 and 2028 second rounders for Washington, and I’d try to see if they can sneak Nick Richards into the deal. If Charlotte insisted on a first rounder, I’m probably out, as Avdija is the only player on the theoretical market who I think is worth trading that first for. If you can’t get him, just save that pick for the summer when you can potentially trade three first rounders.