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Quote board: “Our composure — we have to be better”

Jason Kidd, Luka Doncic, and Maxi Kleber talk in postgame

Milwaukee Bucks v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Sam Hodde/Getty Images

The Dallas Mavericks lost another game, this time to the Milwaukee Bucks, 129-117. After the game, media spoke with head coach Jason Kidd as well as Luka Doncic and Maxi Kleber. Here’s what each had to say in their interviews.

Jason Kidd

(On what happened after being up 25 points...)

“I think we had some turnovers there, and then we had the take foul, the T (technical foul). Our composure — we have to be better. But the first half was at a high; I thought the guys had carryover from practice. The energy was high. We lost Luka [Dončić] there for a minute and then he came back. But when Dame (Damian Lillard) only misses one shot and Giannis [Antetokounmpo] goes 20-28, that can put you in a bad way and those guys took advantage of that.”

(On what happens when the 3-point shot stops falling...)

“Just being able to attack the rim. We missed some bunnies that we normally have made here. D. Jones (Derrick Jones Jr.) had two dunks that didn’t go down for us. Being able to use the 3 to your advantage to be able to redrive it. I thought we did that in the first couple minutes of the game, being able to knock down those 3s. But just understanding looking at what Milwaukee did — they just kept playing and took our best shot there in the first half. They ended the half on a positive with Dame (Damian Lillard) making that 3 at the buzzer. Just understand we didn’t take care of the ball. And when you talk about the 3s, well we’ve got to take care of the ball especially against a team like this. If you’re going to turn the ball over, it’ll put you in harm’s way.”

(On the play of Maxi Kleber and Josh Green...)

“I thought Maxi [Kleber] played great. He did everything he could. Also, I thought Josh [Green] played great. Being able to knock down 3s — those two played at a high level for us. That’s the other part of it — it’s not just those two. We need everyone to play at a high level. Our margin of error is very slim.”

(More on the play of Maxi Kleber...)

“I thought Maxi [Kleber] coming back from injury, he’s gotten better each game and tonight’s no different. I thought being able to shoot the 3, being able to guard on the perimeter and then also being able to guard Giannis [Antetokounmpo] in the post — I thought he did a really good job for us, and we’re going to need that going forward.”

Luka Doncic

(On what he saw that sparked the Bucks’ run in the second quarter…)

“I think our defense, we held them to 20 points in the first quarter.”

(On if the Mavericks struggle when the 3-pointers stop falling…)

“Obviously we shoot a lot of threes. I think sometimes we need to attack more.”

(On how his right ankle feels…)

“It’s the same ankle. I heard it pop. It’s pretty strong now, if it was last year, it would’ve been worse. But this year I work on it every day, so it’s stronger.”

(On what happened during the game with his ankle…)

“Yeah it turned like this and then Giannis [Antetokounmpo] fell on it. I heard a pop.”

(On the play where Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo kicked his leg out into his gut on a drive to the basket…)

“I mean it was probably incidental, but that’s an offensive foul.”

Maxi Kleber

(On what changed in the second quarter…)

“I’d say we got hot in the first quarter and cooled down a little bit in the second quarter. That’s when we have to maintain the lead. Even though we made shots in the first, we got stops and we didn’t do it in the second quarter.”

(On what contributes to making sure you are doing good in keeping those big leads…)

“Sticking together as a team, making good decisions, getting the right shots even though we don’t make them. I think we turned the ball over a little bit too much and gave them a chance to run. One thing in the first quarter for sure, if we make our shots, they don’t have a chance to run transition which is Giannis [Antetokounmpo]’s specialty. I think overall, we’ve got to keep our composure better to maintain the lead even though we don’t make our shots.”

(On coming back from extended time out with injury…)

“I’m feeling good. Obviously for being out that long, you’ve always got to find your rhythm. You’ve got to find your position and where to be on the court with the team. We didn’t have much practice because of scheduling is crazy too but overall, I’m just happy to be out there again playing.”

(On what he thought about the Bucks’ performance tonight…)

“Two hands for them because they kept their composure and played the right way, played hard and made a bunch of tough shots and had a good run. We’ve just got to be better.”

(On anything that could be looked at as a positive defensively from this game…)

“I think one thing for us has always been transition defense, especially as a team today. Sticking with the team scheme that we have. We can’t mess up because guys like Dame (Damian Lillard) and Giannis [Antetokounmpo] are too good, so everybody’s got to be on the same page. Sometimes, especially when we stop making our shots, we lack a little bit of communication on the defensive end and that’s when we’ve got to get better.”

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