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SB Reacts: The Dallas Mavericks and the trade deadline

What do we think the Mavericks are going to do?

Dallas Mavericks v Philadelphia 76ers Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

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The trade deadline is one of those things I often avoid. It’s not because I don’t like it, no, it’s because I am a terrible fantasy general manager and prefer to armchair quarterback and list of players I don’t like rather than become creative. But, understanding that, I want to hear what you all think about the Mavericks and the deadline. There are three quick questions!

The first question is fascinating because I do not think Dallas does anything... and yet they’ve made moves seven years in a row. Seriously. The second question is where I get hung up because moving draft capital, specifically the first-round pick in 2027 (the only one they can trade right now) terrifies me because it means they are prohibited from some bigger moves in the summer just because they don’t have any other picks they can move that are of value. The last question centers around some guesses on who the Mavericks would move.

We finally have some trade-related content up on the site and I recommend you spend some time with those posts. It seems like there are a lot of potential things on the table for the Mavericks, but we don’t know the likelihood or how much those moves might cost the Mavericks. It’s never a boring trade deadline in the NBA, that’s for sure.

Take the poll, then sound off in the comments with your takes on what you think the Mavericks should do or tell us why you think they should stand pat.