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SB Reacts: Dallas Mavericks fans are very sure the team is going to make a trade

But what that trade move is? We’ll have to wait and see

Dallas Mavericks v Philadelphia 76ers Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

Yesterday, we had a flash poll asking three questions about the Dallas Mavericks and the trade deadline. Today, we have the results.

The first question is pretty direct: do you think the Mavericks are going to make a move at the trade deadline?

An overwhelming majority of fans seem to think Dallas is going to do something, nearly 4 in 5 voters! Of course, given the recent Maverick history (they’ve made a trade of some form at seven straight deadlines), this poll result shouldn’t be shocking to me. I’m of the opinion they won’t, but clearly I’m living in the minority.

The second question has to do with what the Mavericks would trade. We asked if fans think the Mavericks would include a first-round pick:

Thankfully a minority (but still two in five fans) think that Dallas would use a first round pick in any trade. The 2027 pick, which Scott explained here what picks Dallas can trade, it’s just too important to me to trade, not because I think Dallas would use it during that draft, but because if they get out from under the obligation they owe the New York Knicks from the Kristaps Porzingis trade, then it opens up what they can do with picks this summer.

Last, we asked what player fans think could be traded.

This poll result is about what I expected. Grant Williams is playing badly and not remotely living up to his recent new contract. Tim Hardaway Jr. is the player a significant portion of the fan base would like to send to space. Josh Green is polling higher here than I would’ve expected given how well he’s played recently, but 1 in 4 fans is still quite a lot.

Either way, this was a fun poll. Thanks for participating. Please keep checking back for more trade deadline content!

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