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Podcast: Trade Deadline! And Dallas Mavericks defeat New York Knicks, 122-108

Dallas gets a win on the road after making some impact trades

Dallas Mavericks v New York Knicks Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

The Dallas Mavericks defeated the New York Knicks on Thursday night on the road, 122-108. Luka Doncic starred, scoring 39 and dishing 11 assists. Josh Bowe and I talk about this game of course, but we really dive into the Dallas Mavericks moves at the trade deadline.

We spend the first section of the show touching on what we liked about the big Dallas win on the road. It was the third straight road win and apparently the last time that happened for Dallas was in December of 2019. There were some fun things in this game, including a repeatedly used Luka-Kyrie Irving pick-and-roll combo. But we know people really wanted to hear our reactions to the trades.

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Josh and I share what we were doing when the trades happened (hint, it’s working our real jobs) and how we started to process what was happening. The Daniel Gafford trade happened first, but it was murky for a really long time, mainly because Dallas had to figure out how to acquire the draft capital they needed. Josh explains why he liked the move and what thinks Gafford brings to Dallas.

Then we talk about the PJ Washington trade, which is a bit more complicated (though not by much). Josh has been interested in Washington for a long time, so he had plenty of thoughts on why Washington brings to Dallas and what the Mavericks are going to have to do to get the most out of their new player.

Lastly, I sort of whinge about the draft capital, though I learned in the show that Dallas got two seconds back in the Washington trade. We end on a good note, then I pivot to the second live show. Thanks so much for listening!

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