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Mavericks at Hornets poll: What are your thoughts on "bringing back the buzz?"

The purple and teal look is back in Charlotte for the first time since 2002. What do Mavs fans think of the rebrand?

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Since this is the Mavericks first road trip to Charlotte since the Bobcats became the Hornets again, it seemed like a good time to take a look at the Hornets' new look. What's old is new again, as they say.

Over the offseason, Charlotte went from this logothis court, and these uniforms, to thisthis, and these. Oh and Rufus Lynx (a lynx isn't the same as a bobcat, by the way) was replaced by a slightly updated version of the classic Hugo.

Personally, I've always loved the purple and teal look, and I think that honeycomb pattern makes Charlotte's courts one of the very best in the NBA. But don't let me sway your opinion.