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Mavericks at Bucks Gameday Poll: Point guard swap?

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Brandon Knight has been playing well this year, but would you give up any part of the Mavericks backcourt for him?

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Milwaukee Bucks guard Brandon Knight has been having a great year. Although his name came up over the summer as some speculated that Milwaukee would look to make some changes before the trade deadline, he's having the best year of his short career and now assumed to be an important part of the team's plans going forward, despite not coming to an agreement on a contract extension last month.

His shooting is solid but hardly off the charts. However, under the tutelage of head coach and former Maverick point guard Jason Kidd, he's been playing excellent defense. In fact, he's the sort of guard I often wish Dallas had on their roster.

Even though he's looking set as a Milwaukee Buck, are there any of the Mavericks guards you would be willing to part with for a player like Knight? Let us know why or why not in the comments.