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Jordan Brodess was based in Chicago when he joined Mavs Moneyball in 2017, with a focus on covering the NBA Draft — a perfect blend of his interests in college basketball and the draft process. Since then his coverage for the site has expanded, and he’s relocated back to DFW. Outside of Moneyball he works in corporate events and as an actor.

This version of the Mavericks is Jason Kidd’s biggest opportunity

The Mavericks have turned a corner on this season, and have the opportunity to be a threat for the playoffs.

NBA Power Rankings Watch: a healthy Mavericks team is a lot to handle

The Mavericks had a solid February, and their star duo are becoming a lethal combination.

NBA Power Rankings Watch: the Mavericks continue to surge

The team picked up where they left off Thursday, continuing to impress

NBA Power Rankings Watch: the Mavericks are trending up

After adding two more pieces to the roster puzzle the Mavericks carry some momentum into the All-Star break.

Dallas Mavericks trade grades: improving the team now, but giving up future flexibility

The Mavericks made some deft moves at the trade deadline, but now have given up most of their draft capital. Is that too much?

Mavericks trading for Charlotte Hornets PJ Washington

The Mavericks have closed in on a primary trade target to find a starting forward.

NBA Power Rankings Watch: the Mavericks are battling through injuries

The team has dipped of late, but are fighting for any sense of continuity.

NBA Power Rankings Watch: injured Mavericks leave everyone undecided

When the Mavericks have been healthy they have the look of a legitimate team. The only problem is they’re never healthy.

Luka Doncic leads Western Conference guards in NBA All-Star Voting

Doncic looks to be headed to Indianapolis, and may have a teammate along with him.

NBA Power Rankings Watch: the Mavericks grab some impressive wins

The Mavericks are a mystery before the trade deadline, both in notching impressive wins and dropping confusing losses.