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I'm a Washington DC based Mavs fan, who loves my wife, my dog, Dirk, video games, 80's movies, arguing, twitter, and Scandal. I try to be level headed with my basketball analysis but that's often boring. I enjoy talking with other fans and learning more about the game I love. Let's talk basketball people!

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The start of the season’s last road trip

No, Luka Doncic did not imply Kyrie Irving has made him unhappy

TMZ and Barstool Sports pushing a narrative? Well I never

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Cuban Whistle Crisis: Day 2

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MMB Lounge: The Stretch Run

The final push for the playoffs

3 things after Dallas collapses in Memphis, 112-108

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Last match up of the regular season

3 thoughts after Dallas rallies back in Los Angeles, 111-110

On a Maxi Kleber game winner, no less

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Likely the last late game of the season