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I'm a Washington DC based Mavs fan, who loves my wife, my dog, Dirk, video games, 80's movies, arguing, twitter, and Scandal. I try to be level headed with my basketball analysis but that's often boring. I enjoy talking with other fans and learning more about the game I love. Let's talk basketball people!

Would you trade Luka Doncic for Victor Wembanyama?

What’s your valuation of Luka right now?

Fans overwhelmingly want Kyrie Irving in a Dallas Mavericks uniform next season

It’s unclear what Kyrie Irving wants, but it’s clear what Dallas fans want

The Dallas Mavericks won’t announce who they bring in for workouts and that’s a mistake

The cloak-and-dagger era of the NBA is long over and the Dallas Mavericks should share more with the public on the NBA Draft prospects they bring in

Podcast: Trade the pick or use it, Dallas Mavericks news, and Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving reviews

Kirk and Josh talk about the last week in Dallas basketball

Do you want the Dallas Mavericks to re-sign Kyrie Irving this off-season?

The off-season involves a lot of hypotheticals

Majority of fans still want the Dallas Mavericks to draft a player

Dallas Mavericks still prefer the potential of an unknown rookie to a veteran

Do you want the Mavericks to draft a player or trade the pick?

Things have solidified, time to ask this question again

Dallas Mavericks post-lottery mock draft round up

A variety of guys could be there for Dallas

Dallas Mavericks stay at 10, keep their 2023 draft pick

Dallas Mavericks keep their pick

Podcast: NBA Draft daydreaming about the Dallas Mavericks

With Dallas having a small chance, we talk about a ton of different guys depe