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I'm a Washington DC based Mavs fan, who loves my wife, my dog, Dirk, video games, 80's movies, arguing, twitter, and Scandal. I try to be level headed with my basketball analysis but that's often boring. I enjoy talking with other fans and learning more about the game I love. Let's talk basketball people!

The Mavericks didn’t call a timeout in the third quarter Warriors run

Kidd’s postgame comments imply that timeouts weren’t a solution for Dallas

GAME THREAD: Dallas Mavericks at Golden State Warriors, Game 2

Friday night hoops

3 things to consider before the Dallas Mavericks play the Golden State Warriors in Game 2

Trying to even the series at 1-1

7 observations after the Dallas Mavericks fell to the Golden State Warriors in Game 1, 112-87

Dallas lost Game 1 against Utah and Phoenix as well

GAME THREAD: Dallas Mavericks at Golden State Warriors, Game 1

Back to basketball

Dallas Mavericks tell TMZ photo of Luka drinking beer is old

Which is too bad really. The idea of Luka have a lunch time beer and dropping 40 points is amazing.

Roundtable: Predicting Mavericks-Warriors Western Conference Finals

A little late but here we are

The Dallas Mavericks beat the Phoenix Suns so badly in Game 7 it resulted in an apology from the team

This is new

How to watch the Dallas Mavericks vs the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals

More basketball is inbound

4 thoughts after the Dallas Mavericks destroy the Phoenix Suns in Game 7, 123-90

Western Conference Finals here we come!