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I'm a Washington DC based Mavs fan, who loves my wife, my dog, Dirk, video games, 80's movies, arguing, twitter, and Scandal. I try to be level headed with my basketball analysis but that's often boring. I enjoy talking with other fans and learning more about the game I love. Let's talk basketball people!

The Dallas Mavericks to sign Frank Ntilikina, per Marc Stein

He finally joins the Mavericks, just four years later than expected

The 2k ratings for the Dallas Mavericks are a bit odd

The formula is off

Kirk Your Enthusiasm with Dave DuFour of the Athletic

Talking NBA and Mavericks

Roundtable: What’s the best game to go to as a fan this coming season?

Some insight from the folks who make going to the arena a priority

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Mavericks, NBA, food, and pop culture

Goran Dragic expected to get bought out and sign with the Mavericks, per report

Jake Fischer has been careful with his words all off-season

Mavericks hold a work out for three old guards for some reason, per report

Sure, Jan

MMB Lounge: It’s a cruel, cruel summer

It’s not, but the song’s stuck in my head

Mavericks finalize coaching staff

A few returning faces, mostly new ones

A quick off-season note from the editor