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Matt Martinez is the third Matthew on staff at Mavs Moneyball, and seriously guys, when does the introductory hazing period end? He spent 10 years at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram writing sports, news and culture, and his work has also been published in the Dallas Observer, Austin Chronicle and various publications that cover the financial services sector. He received a bachelor of journalism from The University of Texas at Austin and for some reason went back for a masters in journalism at The University of North Texas.

Luka Dončić exploits the NBA rule book as much as the opposing defenders in front of him

In his recent appearance on J.J. Redick’s "Old Man and the Three" podcast, Dončić identified which rule he deliberately takes advantage of in the lane.

Why was Spencer Dinwiddie at Thursday’s Mavericks-Knicks game?

The Mavs and the Lakers are reportedly two of the teams who will try to sign Dinwiddie in the buyout market after Thursday’s NBA Trade Deadline.

5 weird things happened in the Mavericks’ 122-108 deadline-day win at the New York Knicks

Luka had another masterful performance amid all the deadline-day distractions

Stats Rundown: 5 numbers that loomed large in the Mavericks’ 119-107 win at the Brooklyn Nets

The Mavs built a big lead but couldn’t get rid of those pesky Nets.

Why the Mavericks should hold onto Josh Green as the NBA trade deadline nears

Is Good Josh Green back? His last month has been a breath of fresh air as his name has been bandied about as a trade chip.

Stats Rundown: 5 numbers to know from the Mavericks’ 118-102 comeback win against the 76ers

After beating their heads against a brick wall for two quarters, the Mavs played some inspired ball in the second half.

Stats Rundown: 6 numbers from a back-and-forth affair and 129-117 Mavericks loss to the Bucks

Dallas blew a 25-point lead, no matter who was or wasn’t available to play.

How high is Luka Dončić on the NBA’s jersey sales list through half a season?

Will Dončić finish higher in the jersey sales rankings or in MVP voting this season?

Stats Rundown: 2 numbers to know from another Mavericks loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves, 121-87

Dallas fielded its JV squad Wednesday in Minneapolis, with Luka Dončić, Kyrie Irving, Dereck Lively II and Dante Exum on the shelf with injuries.

Dereck Lively II among 11 NBA rookies selected for 2024 Rising Stars

Lively will play in the four-team Rising Stars format on Friday, Feb. 16 as part of All-Star Weekend in Indianapolis.