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Mette Robertson is a writer, editor and author based in Denmark, writing mostly features and columns about the Mavs with a focus on European basketball and culture. She has worked in the media industry for 15 years and lived in both US and around Europe before returning to Copenhagen. She’s a former Danish division 1 basketball player and youth national team player.

The Dallas Mavericks need to trust Jaden Hardy more, he’s proven that he can deliver in the big moments

Jaden Hardy made the shot after the Luka Dončić assist that became Assist of the year. He’s got nerves of steel

If Kyrie Irving and Luka Dončić keep this connection in transition, the Mavericks can beat any team

Superstar fast breaks have unlocked a new weapon for the Mavericks

Luka Dončić’s overlooked ability to instantly set guys up for success adds one more dimension to his MVP bid

Who else could have set two brand new teammates up for success from the first possession the way Luka Dončić just did?

The Tim Hardaway Jr. dilemma persists, but it doesn’t help to set him up for failure

The Mavericks can’t live with him and they can’t live without him. But since they have to, at least set him up for success

How the Dallas Mavericks respond to this humiliating loss to the Suns will say a lot about them as a team

It feels like it’s do or die for this team right now. Sink or swim, make it or break it

Luka Dončić’s father becomes sports director of Slovenia’s Basketball Association: “I first asked Luka for his opinion”

As the new sports director, Saša Dončić will be working with young Slovenian players in the NCAA and Europe, but said that he would work to curb the departure of young talent to the US. He also gave his opinion on the Dallas Mavericks roster

How the insistence on being taken seriously on defense has taken Luka Dončić to another level

To put it in perspective: Defense is not the only area where Luka Dončić has upped his game this season, but it is the most noticeable and potentially game changing

Don’t underestimate the effect of good role players: Finally the Dallas Mavericks can count on consistent play from non-superstars

The superstars get all the attention, but role players are the foundation of a good basketball team

Can the Dallas Mavericks help your mental health? Basketball as therapy 

They say feeling part of something bigger is good for your mental health. How basketball can help you when you’re struggling

Take a lesson from Luka Dončić and Dante Exum: Why players who slow down accomplish more

Dante Exum learned how to do it. Luka Dončić and Nikola Jokić are the masters of it. Josh Green seems to have forgotten how to. How players need to slow down if they want to get somewhere