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Basketball Feelings

Nikola Jokić is the playoff hero we all deserve 

Jokić is the guy who separates the people who love the game of basketball from the casuals, and he’s changing the game in front of our eyes

Emotional discipline wins games, part 2

Luka Dončić and the Mavericks have had issues with emotional discipline this season. But being able to control your response to a situation you see as unfair may actually leave you with a better result

Why the Mavericks should keep Maxi Kleber 

Maxi Kleber is injury prone, 31 years old and shoots far too little to be a real threat on offense - here’s why I still think he should remain a Maverick

For the love of shooting the basketball

Shooting the basketball is an art, and it’s arguably the most important single skill in the game.

Luka Dončić’s NBA experience is unique - Jokić may be the only one who can really relate 

Nikola Jokić and Luka Dončić are very different players, but have so much in common. Jokić may be the only person who can really relate to Luka Dončić’s NBA experience

Luka Dončić can learn a lot from how LeBron James rests during games 

LeBron James has figured out how to manage his workload and has over the years perfected the art of resting while playing. Luka Dončić may benefit from taking a few notes from the superstar vet

Signs point to a more mature Luka Dončić after a tough season

To mature and develop, we need to face adversity. Luka Dončić’s exit interview may be a sign that he’s taken quite a few steps on that journey after a hard year

Why playing on national teams matter - especially when you live far from home

National teams are about so much more than a summer activity. Like who you wanted to be as a child, and how you want your country to feel about themselves

National media misrepresents him but Kyrie Irving has been all kinds of good in Dallas  

From leadership and mentorship to supporting local causes, Kyrie Irving has been a positive in Dallas. But you would have no way to know that if you only follow the national media

Luka Dončić struggles: Feelings come to the forefront 

Mental health issues took center stage when Luka Dončić opened up about his struggles. Luka has hit a wall - and who can really blame him

Jalen Brunson is the leader and vibes guy we took for granted 

During this Dallas season, the void Brunson left has become more and more evident, lost vibes and lack of leadership haunting the team.

Basketball is about feelings: Superstars all become villains eventually 

Luka Dončić is receiving criticism non stop these days. He’s gone from Superman to villain this season, just like the rest of them. But is it really that simple?

Basketball is about feelings: This is what Luka Dončić needs to do to reach the next level 

Luka Dončić’s got the hard stuff down, like skill and talent. Now he needs to take care of the easy stuff

Basketball is about feelings: 24 things we love about Luka Dončić on his 24th birthday

Today is Luka Dončić’s birthday and in honor of the guy who brings so many people so much joy, here is a list of 24 things we love about Luka

Basketball is about feelings: How Kyrie Irving’s seamless fit in Dallas shows that pickup helps players adapt

Pickup basketball helps you learn to adapt to many different styles and players. This is an ode to pickup, the purest form of the game

Basketball is about feelings: Can Luka Dončić adapt his game?

It’s time for Luka Dončić to adapt his game to fit this team. But can he?

Basketball is about feelings: Luka Dončić sees the spaces on the floor when the rest of us see players 

Luka Dončić’s vision is extraordinary. Like the best quarterbacks in the world, he seems to see the spaces between players rather than the individual parts

Basketball is about feelings: It’s the inconsistency that’s driving me crazy

What is there to say about a team that seems to only know how to underperform or overperform?

Basketball is about feelings: Is there a scenario where Luka Dončić finishes his career in Europe?

What’s the chance Luka Dončić will retire in Europe?

Basketball is about feelings: The Wood-Dončić chemistry is enough reason to keep Wood

Has Luka Dončić ever had better chemistry with a big man in this league?

Basketball is about feelings: The mental game of free throws is harder than you think

Free throws are a lot more than uncontested shots from the line. It’s pressure, overthinking and a flow-stopper. Free throws for elite athletes are a mental game

Basketball is about feelings: Now Luka Dončić, the showman, has to show up against bad teams too

He is the master of showing up for the big games. Now Luka Dončić has to find a way to bring the same effort to every single game

Christmas feelings: Basketball is joy wrapped up in a ball of hope 

This Christmas, if there’s one thing I wish for, it’s that everyone has a thing like basketball in their lives. A place that brings them joy, hope and community. A place to belong.

Basketball is about feelings: The Mavericks need more leadership

The Mavericks can’t count on a 23 year old generational talent to be the lone leader on and off the court. They need an experienced guy to help carry the burden

Basketball is about feelings: Learning how to lose in Europe taught Luka Dončić how to win

European basketball has a setup that makes young players more resilient, grow their character and teaches a winning mindset

Basketball is about feelings: What a difference one game makes

The win in New York was encouraging and started a much-needed winning stretch for the Mavericks, but to keep winning, leadership, energy and vibe issues will be all the more important

Basketball is about feelings: If you didn’t miss Maxi Kleber, you haven’t been paying attention

Defensive anchor and work ethic, Maxi Kleber does more than meets the eye.

Basketball is about feelings: What’s really keeping Luka Dončić in Dallas?

When you’re missing the team and community aspect of basketball, you’re missing one of the most important ingredients for success.

Basketball is about feelings: Can the Mavericks win when the refs are bad?

Why can’t Luka Dončić just stop complaining to the refs? The answer may be more complicated than you think.

Basketball is about feelings: The Josh Green energy is just what the doctor ordered 

Jump on the hype train, even this old cynic has now boarded.

Basketball is about feelings: If you want to win, emulate Luka’s superior mental game

The mental game is where consistent success is hidden.

Basketball is about feelings: Is this team better than last year’s?

If Luka Dončić and Christian Wood are able to continue this connection, we’re in for a ride of a lifetime.