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Mark Cuban on DeAndre Jordan: "S*** happens"

Mark Cuban addressed the DeAndre Jordan issue again at Summer League.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Hot off the heels of his latest CyberDust comment about DeAndre Jordan, Mark Cuban took in the Mavericks' first Summer League game in Las Vegas. After the game, he spent time talking to the media and the issue of Jordan was still on everyone's mind.

While Cuban may not have accepted Jordan's apology to him and the Mavs on twitter, he doesn't think that there is anything wrong with the system that allowed Jordan to change change his mind and spurn the Mavericks.

"I don't think the system was wrong in any way shape or form," Cuban said. "We have rules. If rules are broken, we have punishments. There's nothing wrong with the system."

He did not mention whether he thought any rules were broken, however.

Rather, he addressed the issue of etiquette surrounding the debacle with Jordan. "I pick my nose at the table. I don't give a fuck about etiquette," the Mavs' owner stated emphatically. "It's not about etiquette. Shit happens, right? This is business. It's the real world, you know. You move on. There are lots of guys who haven't played for the Mavericks in the NBA. You're either with us or you're against us."

Cuban and the Mavs have in fact moved on. In the past week the team has signed Wesley Matthews, traded for Zaza Pachulia, and are reportedly about to acquire Deron Williams after his buyout from the Brooklyn Nets.

It's clear, though, that whether or not the system was right, or if Jordan's decision was unethical, this story is far from over.