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Mavericks interested in Roy Hibbert if DeAndre Jordan falls through

The Mavs could take on the bloated salary of the Roy Hibbert.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

If the Dallas Mavericks swing and miss on DeAndre Jordan, the team is willing to take on the salary of Roy Hibbert, per ESPN Dallas' Tim MacMahon.

Hibbert, a two-time All Star, established himself as a premier defensive center with the Indiana Pacers. In 2013-14, he made Second Team All Defense.

He has two years left on his current contract. Next season, Hibbert is slated to earn $15.5 million after opting into his player option.

If this were two years ago, there would probably be a number of people elated that Hibbert is a fall back option for the Mavs. However, Hibbert posted his worst defensive rating, 101, in three seasons. A defensive rating of 101 is, albeit, still quite good. That said, he just didn't look like the perennial defensive player that he used to be.

Last season, Hibbert posted per 36 averages of 15 points, 10 rebounds, and just over two blocks. Fine numbers, to say the least, but not great for the money he is making. Hibbert certainly isn't the worst option for the Mavericks but it's a testament to how far his stock has fallen that the Pacers are looking to move him and that the Mavs are at a point where they are considering taking on his bloated salary.