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Richard Jefferson signs 1-year deal, Barea working out details with Mavericks

After signing DeAndre Jordan, Mavs look to bolster their depth with a couple of reliable vets from last year's squad.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Per Yahoo's Marc J. Spears, Richard Jefferson will receive a one-year, veteran's minimum deal to return to Dallas next season. As is becoming a trend during recent Mavs off seasons, Jefferson was seen in a club with Mark Cuban and Chandler Parsons today, after rumors surfaced that DeAndre Jordan had elected to sign a max deal with Dallas.

Richard Jefferson was easily Dallas's best perimeter shooter last year, shooting over 42% from 3 off the bench. After agreeing to invest a ton of cash in big name free agents DeAndre Jordan and Wesley Matthews, Richard Jefferson is exactly the sort of player Dallas needs to fill out the roster: affordable, dependable, and familiar with the system.

Rumors are also flying the J.J. Barea is closing in on a deal with Dallas as well. Barea is a fan favorite in Dallas, and showed a willingness to return to the team this off season. However, recent rumors had indicated he was considering a 3-year offer from Miami. In the wake of the DeAndre Jordan news, reports quickly shifted back in the Mavs' favor.

No word yet on what this deal would look like, but expect it to be a team-friendly sort of thing, as Dallas is looking to fill out its roster with very little remaining cap space to work with.