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Dallas Mavericks Player Previews

Grouping of all the player previews produced by Mavs Moneyball.

Health is wealth for Kristaps Porzingis and the Dallas Mavericks

The first wealth is health

Josh Richardson might make or break Mavericks season

Can this year’s key off-season acquisition be the long-term piece in the starting lineup Dallas is looking for?

Tim Hardaway excels in his role with the Mavericks

The Mavericks are counting on Hardaway to space the floor in 2020-21

How will James Johnson help the Mavericks?

Dallas needed a veteran and they found one.

J.J. Barea wants one more year, but will the Mavericks give it to him?

The lone Maverick from the 2011 championship run could be returning to Dallas for his 15th season

Tim Hardaway Jr. looks to parlay a career year into the playoff bubble

The Mavericks’ guard will try to hit the ground running when play resumes in Orlando.

Meet Nicolas Brussino, our newest rookie obsession

We all love Brussino. Now we get to find out whether he’s actually good at basketball or not.

Dorian Finney-Smith has a lot of room to grow

He made the roster. Now what?

Hammons will have a steep learning curve

Will A.J. Hammons overcome attitude questions to contribute on bench units in his rookie season?

Quincy Acy may find himself on the outside looking in

It may be tough for Quincy Acy to break into the Mavs’ rotation but he deserves a shot.

Dirk Nowitzki has to be as good as he ever was

The pillar of the Mavericks has to put in a stellar season once again to help Dallas navigate the tricky Western Conference

The Mavs will go as far as D-Will’s health takes them

After the Mavericks whiffed on Mike Conley, the team re-signed Deron Williams. Can he keep the ship steady in his second season?

Salah Mejri faces more pressure in 2016

The shot-blocking big man will be Andrew Bogut’s backup, but when called upon, he’ll need to perform and stay out of foul trouble.

Bogut will be critical to the Mavs’ success

The new center fills a need at a position that has very little depth.

Is Barnes up to the challenge of a larger role?

After signing a lucrative deal, Harrison Barnes will be asked to do more in Dallas than he ever was in Golden State. Is he up to the challenge?

Meet Salah Mejri after the game of his life

After beating out veteran Samuel Dalembert for a spot on the roster, Salah Mejri will have a chance to show what he can do.

JaVale McGee is the hero Dallas needs

JaVale McGee may not be the hero Dallas deserves, but he could be the hero the Mavericks need.

Dwight Powell can change the Rondo trade for good

After coming from Boston, Powell's development is a huge question for Dallas to feel like the Rondo trade didn't completely stunt them for years to come.

Justin Anderson will have to be ready on day one

Justin Anderson joins a Mavs team full of questions. The biggest of which is what his role will be.

Raymond Felton's role looks the same with Mavs

With point guard one of the few positions of depth on the team, Raymond Felton may have a difficult time getting minutes this season.

Evans is the next project for the Mavericks

The former Slam Dunk champion has a chance to be the next Brandan Wright and Al-Farouq Aminu.

J.J. Barea valuable to team chemistry

Barea will be judged by many for the large contract he received, but he received it because the coach and front office trust and value him. This will be really important this season.

For a replacement plan, Pachulia is good

The Georgian center should help the Mavs with his shooting and passing ability, but will he be able to rebound like he'll be needed to?

Dalembert's role could reawaken Mavs' defense

The veteran center will likely be needed to help round out a makeshift "center by "committee" style rotation.

Harris' early season success never more important

Injuries may press Harris into a starting role for a bit. But will his body be able to handle a bigger role than last season?

Will Wes be worth the wait?

Once healthy, Wes Matthews brings a diverse skill set and a winning attitude to Dallas.

Mavs need Deron successful and healthy this season

For Dallas to have a successful season, Deron Williams has to fit perfectly at point. Can he do it?

Mavs need Parsons to survive his trial by fire

Even coming off a knee injury, Dallas is looking to Parsons as the new face of the franchise. Is he up for the challenge?

Does Dirk have another great season in him?

He may not be able to carry a team anymore, but DIrk is still one of the game's better offensive players.

Charlie V. makes his case

Even if he doesn't stick in Dallas, the much-maligned big man has shown he still has some game in the pre-season.

Can Ricky Ledo crack the rotation?

Ricky Ledo has tons of potential, but can he channel that into on-court production this season?

How much longer will Sarge be in Dallas?

In his third season, Sarge may have hit his NBA ceiling as an emergency big. Is his time in Dallas up?