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DGWT, first round: (5) Gets the bounce, got the bounce! vs. (12) Pull-up J buries Phoenix

"HE GETS THE BOUNCE. HE GOT HE BOUNCE," screamed Followill, a call that I am happy to have heard live. The mob scene is just as great. The other game winner is a simple shot, but has a better backstory.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

(5) Gets the bounce against Milwaukee (2009)

I've watched Dirk shoot jumpers for a long time. Which also means I've seen him make a lot. When you watch a player that's so good for so long, you tend to know when he's going to make a shot before the ball has even touched the rim/net.

Dirk has such a smooth shooting stroke and touch that anytime the ball goes near the basket, even if it hits the rim first, you assume it's just going to roll on. As soon as Dirk fired and the ball bounced around, I just knew it was falling back in. That's just Dirk. We all know it. He's really good.

Even though I might have known, that didn't stop my from running a few laps around my apartment living room. A mid-season sleepy game against the Bucks and I was sweating like a playoff game. I love sports. I love Dirk.

- Josh Bowe (@Boweman55)

(12) Pull-up jumper buries Phoenix (2006)

We know Shawn Marion is a great defender, but he makes the mistake here of giving Dirk just a little too much space. That's all he needs, and bang, Dirk is already starting to pad his resume that will eventually earn him an MVP award in this 2006-07 season.

It was the JET show for much of this game, as he had 35 points, and more importantly, a huge 3-pointer that tied the game and set the table for Dirk's heroics. Here's a fun fact from the Elias Sports Bureau: "Dirk Nowitzki's 19-footer with 1.3 seconds to play gave the Mavericks a 101-99 win over the Suns. Nowitzki has made his last three potential game-tying or go-ahead field-goal attempts in the last five seconds of the fourth quarter or overtime after missing the first 13 such shots of his NBA career."

Whatever issues Dirk had earlier in his career, there was no hesitation and no doubt about the result on this clutch jump shot.

- Tim Cato (@tim_cato)