[NBA] Congrats to Dirk Nowitzki of the Dallas Mavericks on passing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (9,394) for 7th on the all-time DEFENSIVE REBOUNDS list!


Well, Dirk is such a one-trick pony, isn't he?

Dirk to German paper: Might add an extra year


Dirk gave an interview to German weekly "Bild am Sonntag", in which he spoke out on the possibility of a new contract next year (the original report is paid content, therefore the link is to different site (article in ). According to the interview, another 1-year contract seems like a very real option, provided Dirk does not get hurt again, in which case he is open to discussing a new deal in 2018 upon completion of his current contract. In any case, Dirk reiterates his desire to complete the magic number of 20 seasons, which he will after next season. This should actually be great news for all MFFLs, since there had been some speculation before about Dirk's plans. Now if he does stay safe and sound, this will almost certainly mean Dirk is going to pass Wilt Chamberlain on the all-time scoring list. Depending on his future role he could even come close to MJ's 32,292 pts., but this is much more of long-shot.

NBA Draft - The Early Look


Hey guys, Recently wrote this article for The Four Point Play on my Top 10 draft prospects for 2017. Who do you think the Mavs should target as their new franchise building block?

Dallas Maverick - New Years Resolution


DALLAS MAVERICKS – Current Record (11-26) / Since Last Time (5-7) Resolution: Tank like a Panzer III The Mavs are 4-6 over their past 10 and have been playing pretty solid ball. Crazily enough, they’re only 4.5 games outside a playoff spot. The organisation has tried year after year to stay competitive for Dirk’s remaining years, but they are so deprived of young talent that they would be best served tanking out this season and adding a top 5 pick to this roster. Perhaps see what you can fetch on the trade market for tired veterans like Deron Williams, Andrew Bogut and Devin Harris, who no doubt would prefer to play for a winner by this stage in their careers. They’ve found a keeper in Barnes, and Matthews has returned to some of his better days – but the way forward is to take a step back.

Dallas Mavericks - Off Season Report


Hey guys, Australian based NBA fan here - interested in hearing your thoughts on my article about the Mavericks off season, posted on The Four Point Play.

Can Seth Curry become an NBA mainstay?


Even if Curry winds up in the best shape of his life, most of his best possessions will be won on subtlety. Curry just doesn't have the speed or explosion to outclass NBA competition. Many of his defenders at the point will be quicker on their feet and most at the two will have the length to bother his shot. This makes precision all the more important and deception outright mandatory. Chris Paul and Seth's brother, Steph, are regular subjects in Curry's film study for their manipulations with the ball. Curry, though, also finds himself watching a lot of Blazers guard C.J. McCollum—a fellow tweener who broke out last season by constantly shifting gears and keeping the defense out of sorts.

Durant does the One Legged Fadeway


A homage to the greatness of Dirk's Unstoppable post move. (2:36 of the video)

Justin Anderson, Kevin Durant shake hands after KD's flagrant 2


Apparently the two have made up.

Deron Williams out, Kristaps Porzingis doubtful in Mavs-Knicks


Also, Rick Carlisle said he will keep the same starting lineup with Dwight Powell at center and Justin Anderson in the backcourt.

Deron's absence is tough, especially because he could have dominated against Jose Calderon, particularly in the post. I'm still not convinced Lee or Mejri wouldn't be a better option than Powell, but the lineup worked against Denver, so I don't have any major problems throwing it back out there for another shot at things.

Further information regarding meniscus tears


There's a good Reddit post that summarizes what exactly happens when you tear your meniscus. Additionally, although this is a bit outdated, this Sporting News slideshow can show you just how common the injury is.